We like to arm all my clients with information whether you reserve your fountain with us or another company. The list below contains a dozen questions we are asked most often. Please click directly on the question to forward to that answer right away if you prefer. It is important to be a well-informed chocolate fountain consumer. The information below will arm you with information you need to insure a wonderful chocolate fountain experience.

1.   Aren’t all chocolate fountain companies the same?

2.   How is Chocolate Haven unique from other chocolate fountain companies?

3.   Can you decorate my fountain in my chosen décor and theme? Do I have a choice of serving ware?

4.   What kind of chocolate do you use?

5.   Do you add any oil to the chocolate?

6.   Do I need an Attendant?

7.   What kind of fountains do you use and sizes do you have?

8.   Why is it important that you provide only Sephra Fountains?

9.   Do you provide dipping items?

10. What are your dipping items?

11. How do I reserve your services?

12. Do you offer Military Discounts?


1.  Aren’t all chocolate fountain companies the same?

All chocolate fountains companies ARE NOT ALIKE!

People’s Choice Award for Best Chocolate Fountain Service” for five years in a row (Bridal Insider) and “San Diego Magazine’s Best Of” party service pick, Chocolate Haven proudly maintains a FIVE-STAR RATING with every single client since our happy beginnings years ago.   Ninty-nine (99%) percent of our business comes from repeat business, direct referral and word-of-mouth.   That speaks volumes of the quality service and product you will receive from us every time.

Nothing but the best for all clients is our mantra!

2.  How is Chocolate Haven unique from other chocolate fountain companies?


We are the ONLY chocolate fountain company that brings you long-stemmed strawberries, which are finest and freshest strawberries available.  Our long-stemmed strawberries are ORGANIC and hand-picked for their huge size, pristine appearance and juicy sweetness.   We present your strawberries by pre-skewering them and placing them into gorgeous vases (your choice of sterling silver, crystal, glass and porcelain china) –  your  strawberries look like beautiful roses coming out of a vase.   This not only looks gorgeous and adds drama to the table’s presentation, but also makes it easy for a guest a pick an already skewered strawberry to dip into the flowing chocolate.

All dipping items are prepared fresh daily for your event and are hand-inspected by our staff to insure their sweetness, freshness and the highest quality presentation.  All dipping items are carefully placed with no little detail left unnoticed to be an enticing feast to the eyes.    We eat with our eyes first!

It just makes sense to us to offer the best-tasting and best-looking dipping items to dip into the best-tasting chocolate.   Guests that are watching their waistlines can indulge in the long-stemmed strawberries alone which are dessert in themselves!


We are the ONLY company that gives you your choice of serving ware and at no additional  cost. We have everything from sterling silver tiers and platters to contemporary glass and crystal to novelty pieces to an extensive Holiday collection to coordinate with your décor beautifully.

We arrive two hours before you have guests in the area to create your presentation in your chosen theme, colors, flowers, etc. Strawberries are pre-skewered to look like beautiful roses coming out of a vase – all dipping items are inspected, carefully and attractively arranged … we won’t even put out a pretzel if it is broken!

We believe your fountain and dipping items should be a feast for the eyes as well as a delicious treat for your mouth. We create any look you envision from elegant beauty to novelty fun to a particular theme. Please take a look at our gallery to see some examples of our fountain presentations. Your guests will be “AWED” by the unique beauty of your fountain.

People eat with their eyes first. Your fountain should be a visual, unique temptation that fulfils every delicious promise when you indulge.


Most companies add oil to their chocolate – as much as six cups. We have made it part of our mission statement to inform everyone about this practice because it can ruin your chocolate fountain experience. It is a truth that every consumer needs to be aware of so they can avoid it.

Sadly, a few companies advertise that they don’t add oil, but in reality they have and do so you want to ask them directly if they ever do under any circumstances. When pressed they will usually admit that they may add oil to the pump, but the chocolate goes through the pump so that means that they are adding oil to your chocolate.

I am sure you are wondering as I did why anyone would want to do this when they don’t have to. This technique is practiced for two reasons: one, by adding oil they stretch the chocolate thus saving them money, but sacrificing taste for you. Two, they are using a less superior (and again less expensive for them) chocolate that requires adding oil to flow through the fountain. The end result is this sacrifices taste, your chocolate can get clumpy, or be too oily were the chocolate will slide off your strawberry, can have an unpleasant aftertaste, and (pardon me for saying so) can have some unpleasant side effects to your digestion. Please insist on no added oil to your chocolate.

Chocolate Haven has NEVER added oil to our chocolate and NEVER WILL. As the owner, I guarantee it. I made a decision from the beginning years ago that I would purchase the highest quality and offer it to everyone. It simply tastes the best! This is for your wedding day or special event; you deserve the best!!

What kind of chocolate do you use?

We only use pure gourmet, fondue Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut with no added oil. It is a patented recipe that never requires any oil. Our chocolate is the creamiest, flows beautifully, has a wonderfully rich aroma, and simply tastes the best!

You can choose from Belgian milk, dark or white chocolate. If you can’t decide between your favorites, add another package for almost 50% OFF!

Do you add any oil to your chocolate?

Chocolate Haven HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER add any oil to our (your) chocolate. From our happy inception years ago, we made the decision to only purchase the finest chocolate available, never to dilute this wonderful chocolate with oil and offer this superior quality to everyone.

We highly encourage that you ASK this question directly of every chocolate vendor even if they advertise that they do not add oil. Sadly, many companies are not being up front about this practice of adding oil. Some companies will say that “they have to add a little oil for the pump”, but your chocolate also goes through the pump so that is really adding oil to your chocolate.

Most inferior (and less expensive) chocolates require adding oil to the chocolate so it will flow properly. Moreover, some companies will add oil “to stretch the chocolate” which cuts costs for them, but sacrifices taste for you. Adding oil to chocolate can make it clumpy or too oily (oily chocolate will not adhere to your dipping treat), has an unpleasant aftertaste, and can cause some adverse consequences to your digestion. You don’t want your wedding night or special event ruined by oil in your chocolate.

Please always insist on the best and request no added oil. Our Belgian Chocolate from world-renowned Callebaut is a patented recipe that never requires any oil. It is creamy, flows smoothly and beautifully, has a wonderfully rich aroma – most importantly, it simply tastes the best!

What kind of fountains do you use and sizes do you have?

We only use Sephra Fountains and we have every size available. Sephra Fountains are the best manufacturer of chocolate fountains with a superior design, beauty and unmatched reliability.

We bring you the appropriately-sized fountain for the amount of guests you are expecting unless you request otherwise. We don’t charge you different prices for different sizes; all package pricing is the same with all the same great service regardless of fountain size.

Why is it important that you provide only Sephra Fountains?

Not only are Sephra Fountains the most reliable and beautiful on the market, their bottom basins are four inches wider than any other fountain manufacturer. The bottom basin is wide enough so your fountain will not splatter chocolate on its own like other narrower fountain basins can.

We compared all fountain manufacturers’ side-by-side (you can review a side-by-side comparison of fountains on Sephra’s website at www.Sephrafountains.com). No one compares with Sephra. They do cost more than their competitors, but they are worth every penny. We decided from the beginning that we would provide only the best of everything for our clients – that includes the best equipment.

Do you provide the dipping items?

Yes, most of our clients would prefer that we take care of everything. However, we do give you the choice of having another caterer provide your dipping items if you prefer. We will still display everything beautifully for you.

Ideally, having Chocolate Haven provide your dipping items is the best way to go. Most companies don’t bring you LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES which are a must for chocolate fountains. We are all certified in food handling as well as health-permitted. All your dipping items are prepared fresh daily the day of your event. Every item is inspected for freshness, sweetness and color.

We have an amazing produce vendor so we can get you LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES and other fresh fruits even when they are off-season, and they are still huge, sweet and delicious.

What are your dipping items? Can we pick which dipping items we would like?

You get to choose your dipping items. We have a huge list of dipping item suggestions to give you some great ideas (please see “Dipping Delights”). If there is an item you want that isn’t on the list, just let us know. We can usually get it for you.


Our most popular item is always our LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES. We are the only chocolate fountain company that brings you huge LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES, hand-picked for sweetness, color and presentation. Your strawberries look like huge roses coming out of a vase plus are easy for you and your guests to conveniently pick an already strawberry already and dip it into the flowing chocolate.

It just makes sense to us to offer the best-tasting and looking dipping items to dip into the best-tasting chocolate. It tastes heavenly (plus guests that are watching their waistlines can indulge in long-stemmed strawberry alone which is wonderful dessert in itself!).

Do I need to have an Attendant?

I do highly recommend an Attendant if you have more than hundred guests, children attending your event, or if you just want to feel pampered by us.


If you opt not to have an Attendant, we will make sure everything is displayed and ready to go (your chocolate will be flowing perfectly). We give you a quick in-service on the fountain (it is very easy so don’t worry) and allow you to enjoy in private. We are also available by cell phone for any questions.

Do you offer Military Discounts?

Absolutely YES, we offer Military Courtesy Pricing year around! It is our way of giving back and saying “thank-you” to our military families.

$200 off is taken off our regular package pricing along with an additional special price for your dipping items which varies seasonally. Please call me for the best pricing. I will customize a package that works for you.