Our clients say it best:

Here is what they are saying about us and to us!


“All I can say is WOW! You are the best!

We were blown away by Chocolate Haven’s overall presentation … you really did “AWE” our guests.  They’re still raving about your chocolate and those huge, delicious strawberries (I’m drooling thinking of them now).  Our fountains (and you) were the life of the party! You made a huge fan of all of us.

We’ll be back soon to book your services again since we are now hopelessly, but happily addicted to Chocolate Haven!”

-Gratefully yours, Mary and Devon Miller


“I’ve been a guest at several weddings which had a different chocolate fountain company at each one. This made it so easy for me to pick the right company for my wedding… There was no comparison in quality, taste and service. Chocolate Haven was (and is) the best, hands down!!!

How it looked:

Absolutely Beautiful AND in my chosen theme. All my guests were amazed by how gorgeous it was and unique. I was even able to choose what kind of serving ware I wanted so the fountain’s display matched my dining tables perfectly.


Best I ever tasted and so creamy!  Chocolate Haven doesn’t add any oil to their chocolate and melt it directly in the fountain to prove this which all the others that I experienced add oil.   ********advertises that they don’t add, but they did add.   You can taste the difference.

Dipping Items:

Biggest and Sweetest Strawberries! Even the food was beautifully displayed (the pretzels were actually placed out in a pretty patterns!). Our strawberries, marshmallows and rice krispie treats were pre-skewered for us!


Detailed, Caring and Exceptional. Georgie and her staff are talented professionals! Plus they are fun to work with and really make you and your guests feel pampered.

Georgie (AKA: The Chocolate Lady) is incredible, easy and full of fun.  Her genuine enthusiasm and love of chocolate are contagious. It’s rare and so nice to get to work one-on-one with the owner.

Now, honestly her pricing was a little higher than some other companies I checked out, but boy was it worth every penny! When I actually compared the quality and how many servings we got of each item, Chocolate Haven has the best price and the best value for my money.   Their strawberries were heaven – huge, so sweet and red.  It is true that you get what you pay for.

Georgie and staff, thank you again for making my dreams come true.  YOU DAZZLED US!

– Jessica and Allen, Bridal Insider Bride and Groom


“Honestly, I think a woman’s touch really makes all the difference. Only another woman truly understands that a bride wants everything to be looking beautiful including food plus taste incredible…

Chocolate Haven’s Owner Georgie completely understands that. She treated me like family and gave me honest, great advice for other aspects of our reception which really helped and reduced my stress level. As my mother had recently passed away and couldn’t afford a wedding coordinator, I leaned on Georgie for more than just her chocolate fountain expertise. She was so kind and generous with her time.

This company is fantastic and a unique find!!! Georgie, you and your staff exceeded our expectations ten-fold!

A special “Thank You” to you for listening (truly listening) to me and supporting me emotionally with the sudden loss of my sweet Mother.   You really helped me make it through a heart-breaking time as I would have given anything to have my Mom there with me.  In some way, I felt her through your loving words.  I think you have a real gift.  I’m sure her spirit was smiling down at us as you created the Fairytale my mom and I had always dreamed of.”

– Love, the new MRS. Katie Trenton (and Mark too!)


“Dear Georgie,

We just returned from our amazing honeymoon in France and Italy. I hope that you and your loved ones were not affected by the fires! We are fine as we live in Clairemont Mesa — our dog and cat were happy to see us — the cat even caught us a fat juicy mouse as a welcome present!

I wanted to let you know that we received wonderful feedback about the amazing chocolate, beautiful dipping items, and Blake’s excellent service. You don’t know how many bad fountain stories (from other weddings, of course!) we heard that night, “There was a chocolate fountain at my sister’s wedding and the chocolate came out chunky!” “I was at so-and-so’s wedding and the chocolate had so much oil in it, it was sooooo gross!” “At my friend’s friend’s wedding, their chocolate fountain caught on fire!”

Everyone absolutely raved about the chocolate fountain – especially my now-husband, Gary. He is a self-proclaimed chocolate expert – and he wanted me to tell you that the chocolate was rich, the strawberries were sweet and the crème puffs were to die for (I added the “to die for” part). Blake did an excellent job being attentive to both the guests and the fountain. What we thought was super cool was that he left some of the dipping items for us to enjoy instead of packing them back up!

Now you didn’t hear ME talk about your chocolate fountain – and I am sad to say, I did not get to enjoy it as much as my husband and guests did. Someone did shove a crème puff in my mouth (mmmmmm!) but I was so frazzled …maintaining the timeline (crazy bride stuff, I really didn’t let lose until after the cake cutting and table visits) that I just totally didn’t have time to enjoy until the end of the night when Wendy, my coordinator, told me that you had left me a little “something.” I was so happy to see the contents …and it was the perfect way to end the evening – in our honeymoon suite living room, still in my dress, eating strawberries and not letting Gary have any. haha!

Thank you again — it has been wonderful working with you. I plan on writing a vendor review on bridalinsider.com, and I will make sure you receive a copy of it. I truly feel blessed to have met you and that you were able to be part of our wedding.

You helped make it special, so thank you for finding your passion and sharing it with others.

I hope to work with you again in the future!”


-Kim & Gary Lamoureux


“If you care about having the best quality chocolate, long-stemmed huge strawberries coupled with a fabulous presentation and five-star service, you want Chocolate Haven. Their chocolate is also KOSHER which was important to us and absolutely delicious!!

We experienced EXCEPTIONAL, FIVE- STAR SERVICE, and I am a tough critic – a perfectionist.  Georgie handled all my demands smoothly down to the smallest detail with charm and efficient calm.  I get very panicky when arranging special events and tend to drive my Coordinator and vendors crazy, being a Mother Hen-Zilla.  Her caring professionalism kept me from stressing out for the first time ever!! That was impressive feat itself.

I knew I was in trustworthy, talented, and capable hands with her after speaking with her.  What she promised, she would do right away.  She takes time with you (never makes you feel rushed) and answers all your questions and asks great questions so she knows what you want.  She makes you feel like your event is the only one in the world … I couldn’t help but like her so much! Georgie is as sweet as her chocolate!

She even happily surprised me with more extra touches that I did not even think of – fantastic!  She really understands how important these events are and the pressure you feel to make them special.

We are so thankful we found you for our Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah and for all future events.  We will be reserving you again for the twins in two years – will talk to you about it in a month or so.   They begged to have your fountains after tasting it at Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah.

You made Joseph’s day so special.  He came home from school just beaming the following Monday as the fountains and the great way you incorporated his theme were “coolest looking and tasting thing ever!!” (Joseph’s exact words) and the talk of the school.  He was quite the celebrity – many thanks to you.

– With Great Appreciation and Fondness – Joanna Steinburg


“Georgie, your chocolate fountain was more popular than the open bar!!”

– Belinda and Michael Altringer


“Dear Georgie,

Thank you for the phenomenal job you did at our two most recent events. The first, the Behind the Scenes of a Rose Parade Float event was a first-time event for us and having you involved really added to the event.

Your presentation was beautiful and creative, the chocolate and dipping items were delicious and your service was outstanding. I also appreciate you having the foresight to bring extra dipping items and chocolate to accommodate our last minute addition (700+ people). I had no ideal the fountains would be so popular!

Also, thank you for everything you did at our most recent event, the official Tournament of Roses BCS National Championship Gala. You handled 1,500 people just as easily as you handled our smaller parties and since this was a major event for us, it was so nice to know we could depend on you to take care of everything, like you always do.

Georgie, we will use you at all our future events and you are a pleasure to work with.   Please use us as a reference because Chocolate Haven is a great addition to any event!”


Kathryn S. Schloessman, President

Sports and Entertainment Commission (LASEC)