Mission Statement


We believe in offering the finest quality of chocolate combined with the highest quality of fresh fruit and treats.  We couple that winning combination with honest, personalized, caring service and top it off with a gorgeous presentation that will be remembered gorgeous and uniquely yours.

No detail is overlooked.  We won’t even display a pretzel if it is broken!  All dipping items are purchased and your fresh fruit is picked the same day for you!  We carefully place all your chosen delights in attractive, eye-catching patterns; our long-stemmed strawberries (hand-picked for their huge size, pristine appearance and sweetness and only provided by Chocolate Haven) are pre-skewered to look like a beautiful, luscious bouquet fresh from the garden.

Our servings are the most generous and numerous as we want you to indulge-indulge-indulge to your heart’s content.  Moreover, unlike other companies, one serving to us does not mean one piece of a cut-up, small supermarket strawberry, it means one of our huge, hand-picked long-stemmed strawberries (organically grown and picked fresh from the strawberry patch).  One serving from us is more like three servings from any other company.  We complete our dedication to providing the highest quality with our special recipe of gourmet, Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut.  Our chocolate simply tastes the best and is the creamiest!

Family-owned and run, fully licensed, food-handler’s certified professional dessert caterers, we are the experts.  Our family has owned Chocolate Haven from the beginning.  We are renowned for our huge and sweet long-stemmed strawberries, gorgeous presentations, our decadently delicious “secret recipe” of gourmet Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut, and, most importantly, our unparalleled, never ending daily practice of the old art of caring customer service.

We love what we do, and it shows!


“I truly love the chocolate business and perfecting a chocolate experience for my wonderful clients.  I am honored to be a part of your special events!   I see it as my responsibility to be a excellent addition to your celebration and to help create a lovely life memory.   Every day we practice and perfect the old art of caring, personalized customer service –  paying careful attention to you and to every detail makes the difference between you experiencing a good chocolate service or an EXCEPTIONAL ONE.  Packages are customized to suit you, and I personally arrange everything for you to insure that you receive exactly what you want AND MORE!” – Georgie.