Five-Star Rated Chocolate Haven

Five-Star Rated Chocolate Haven

All Chocolate Fountain Companies Are Not Alike!!
Five-Star Rated Chocolate Haven Is Unique and Offers Only the Best:

Gourmet Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut :

Pure gourmet fondue chocolate with NO ADDED OIL.
Sadly, many companies are not being up front about adding oil to their chocolate. There is no reason that oil should be added to your chocolate ever! Our chocolate simply tastes the best.

Highest Quality & Quantities of Dipping Treats – LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES!

We are the only company that brings you premium, LONG-STEMMED STRAWBERRIES (not small, store-bought strawberries) pre-skewered to look like beautiful roses coming out of a vase. It just makes sense to us to offer the perfect combination: the best-tasting/highest quality fresh fruits and goodies dipped into the best-tasting chocolate in the world. You and your guests will marvel over the size, color and sweetness of fresh fruit and quality dipping items.

Gorgeous Presentation/Decoration – CHOICE OF UNIQUE SERVING WARE :

Chocolate Haven is the only chocolate company that gives you your choice of serving ware to display your dipping treats. We have everything from sterling silver to crystal glassware to fun novelty pieces to holiday items. We can achieve any look or theme you envision!

We arrive about two hours before guests to create a unique chocolate fountain centerpiece in your chosen theme, colors and florals. LONG-STEMMED strawberries are pre-skewered and placed to look like roses coming out of a vase, dipping items are carefully arranged to entice the eye, your chosen flowers are carefully placed around the base of the fountain – there’s attention to every detail.

We all eat with our eyes first! Your guests are “awed” by a presentation that is beautiful, tempting and uniquely-yours.

Multiple-Fountain Discounts!!

Why choose? Flow more than one flavor at a time and double the “wow” and fun.
Add a second or third fountain package for nearly 50% OFF!

Personalized, Caring FIVE-STAR Service :

Chocolate Haven has received nothing less than FIVE STARS by all our clients since we began providing service years ago.

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